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Hello to all our friends.

We are entering some unprecedented times right now in our beautiful city. We are sure a lot of you are scared and confused about what’s happening right now, which is completely normal. Harvard and Stone wants our family to know that we are there for you and will be taking every precaution to help keep some normalcy in all of our lives. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are being upheld for our patrons and our staff alike. We kindly have asked all our staff to be mindful of any health concerns before coming in, follow all cdc guidelines and we ask our friends in the community to exercise that same caution. Harvard and Stone has always been a welcoming place for all and we will continue to be there for all of you through this. If you’re scared, worried, or just need someone to talk to, you will always be welcome. Unfortunately “shoulder to cry on” has been put on hiatus. Let’s get through this together, like the amazing Los Angeles family we have always been. We will be here to support and get you through this scare and long after. We wish all the health and prosperity to you and your loved ones, and hope to continue to see all your beautiful faces.

We are still open tonight! Come by and show us some support ??

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