The Bar

Cool sausage fest in Nola. We lost?
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@ilegalmezcal music series tonite w/ @paulbergmannmusic + @silvernovamusic & @santabarbaratheband + Joe Brooke & Kevin Dowell in R&D. Come catch a band and a cocktail before we’re all off to #talesofthecocktail for the week #besthighvolumecocktailbar (at Harvard & Stone)

XX Girl power guuuys XX
Can’t swing a dead cat in Harvard without hitting a high functioning female fuck up in the face. They’re faster bartenders than you, can drink more than you, their shaker face is less pouty than yours, their palates are better, some of them can smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey while hanging upside down and do one arm pull-ups and they don’t complain as much as you do guuuys. For real, H&S wouldn’t be nothing, NOTHING without a woman or a girl… #honkytonkangels

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(at Harvard & Stone)

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